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He leaves the towel laying on the floor after every shower.  She gets a little too tipsy at family get togethers.  They never remember to grab the mail on the way in the house.  There are a lot of things that irritate us in relationships, but how do you know when those things are relationship deal breakers?

At the beginning of a new relationship you might notice certain things your partner does that are pretty weird, and their actions might even make you feel a little uncomfortable.  But you aren’t sure if those things are important or not, and that’s the hard part of dating.  In a new relationship, it’s hard to tell if those things will make a difference down the road.  After all, no one is perfect, and neither are you.

As the leading VIP dating service in Dallas, we know that relationships are never perfect, and every relationship comes with mistakes and compromises that need to be worked out.  However, there are several things you should never tolerate from a partner.  Life is already hard as it is without adding in someone else’s issues.  If you are in a new relationship, keep an eye for the following deal breakers.  These are dating red flags our matchmakers don’t want you to ignore.

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1. They’re disrespectful to the wait staff.

You went out on a romantic dinner date for two and had a wonderful evening.  The food was tasty, the wine was delicious, and they made you laugh.  However, you couldn’t help but notice they were disrespectful to the wait staff all night long.  Your new lover was snappy and rude and never thanked them for their services, and maybe they didn’t even tip them.

You can excuse this behavior maybe once or twice if the wait staff was actually rude or in the wrong themselves.  But if it has happened a few times, then you know something is wrong here.  It’s hard not to be nice to people who are serving you, especially when they’re catering to your every need.  So if your new love interest is downright rude, that’s a huge deal breaker.  It only shows how they’re going to treat you down the road.  Beware, because you might soon find yourself on the receiving end of this uncalled for rudeness.

2. They’re a huge flirt.

This one will depend on you and your relationship; some people are more open and relaxed than others and don’t mind having a partner who flirts all the time.  As the leading VIP dating service in Dallas, we know some people see flirting as harmless and fun, while others see it as cheating.  Most people, though, aren’t fans of the idea of seeing their partner flirt with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

It is definitely a red flag to watch out for.  If you see your partner continuously flirting with other people, despite telling them that it’s not okay with you, then you have every right to walk away.

3. They ignore you in public.

The first time you meet your new love interest’s friends can be downright scary.  You want to make a good impression and have them like you.  You want your partner to make the introduction so everyone can get along fine.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always how it plays out.  You might find that your partner doesn’t make the introduction—or worse, they don’t introduce you as their significant other.

Now those are two red flags to watch out for.

Why are those red flags?  Because your partner is deliberately putting you down as they do not wish to acknowledge the fact that you’re in a relationship together.  Think about why they’re doing this.  Maybe they don’t want their friends to know they’re dating you because they’re seeing someone else.  Or maybe they’re already in a relationship and you are the someone else.  Either way, this is definitely something to look out for with your new love interest.

4. They insult you.

A healthy relationship doesn’t have room for insults.  If your partner is supportive and complimentary, then you won big time in the partner department.  But what happens if they insult you and put you down?  If your partner insults you for your appearance, weight, job, friends, or life choices, then you’re dating the wrong person.  They are clearly putting you down by letting you know you aren’t good enough or that they don’t approve of your choices in life.

This is a huge red flag to watch out for.  Your partner has established their dominance over you.  If you’re in a relationship with someone like this, then it’s time to pack things up and leave.

5. You’re not a priority.

Your new love interest likes you but they like other things a tad bit more.  They prioritize those others things over you; work, friends, hobbies, and interests.  They bail on you to see their friends and never invite you along.  They expect you to understand why they bail.  And if you are upset, they tell you that you’re being too clingy or whiny.

You don’t feel like you’re a priority in their life, even though they say you are.  When this happens, it normally ends in a breakup because you both have different relationship expectations.  This is the type of person who will prefer to go out with their boys or girls on the weekend and put their responsibilities aside.  We know you’re not okay with that, so it’s time to walk away from this relationship before you get hurt big time.

6. They’re ultra-clingy.

Most couples see each other on a regular basis and are always in communication via text, chat, or social media.  However, there is a big difference between spending time together and spending too much time together.  If your new love interest expects you to text them all day long when they know you’re super busy at work, they’re clingy.  If you have explained to the several times that you have other commitments during your work hours and they get angry or even upset with you, then they are being unreasonable.

Your partner should have a life of their own without revolving their entire life around you and expecting you to revolve yours around them.  Most people have dated a clingy person at one point in their lives and know it’s no fun.  It leaves you feeling overwhelmed and suffocated.  You need a relationship that allows you to have your own time and space to do the things that make you happy.

How many of these deal breakers do you see with your new love interest?  Did we hit home with some of them?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook page… We would love to hear from you!

If, after reading this article and discovering major red flags our matchmakers showed you above, you find yourself single and searching, contact our VIP dating service in Dallas and let our expert matchmakers help you find the one.  We work exclusively with successful, attractive, and relationship-ready singles who are fit to date our valued clients.

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