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How to Tell If You’re in a Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships are very common in today’s dating world.  Everyone has been there before.  You are fresh out a relationship and feel like your world has come to an end.  Then you meet someone and immediately attach yourself to them.  As professional Dallas matchmakers and dating specialists, we know this behavior isn’t healthy.

A glimmer of hope and sudden excitement comes over you.  It feels good and makes you think you’re being healed.  But rebound relationships can have a detrimental effect on you, especially since you’re dating for the wrong reasons.  But sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re doing it for the right or wrong reasons.  To help you along, our Dallas matchmakers are going to show you the line between a healthy and unhealthy relationship after a breakup.

Regardless of how long your relationship lasted, you feel you just lost the one—the one you were meant to be with for the rest of your life.  It goes without saying that once you lose that partner, you’re going to feel empty and start looking for someone to fill that void.

Rebound relationships are not known for lasting and will never help anyone get over an ex.  Rebound relationships are doomed from the moment they begin.  Why?  Because you’re not ready to start dating again.  When it comes to breakups, there is no specific timeframe, but you do need to take to heal completely from the loss of your relationship.  You must come to terms that the relationship is over, then you can grieve the relationship, accept that it’s time to move on and put it all behind you.

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So, Are You in a Rebound Relationship? Read the Warning Signs Below

You Know This Is Only Temporary

While you might love spending time with this new person, you know deep inside that there is no future for the two of you.  You can’t imagine a wedding or even picture the white picket fence in your future with them.  They are just someone you’re passing time with because you’re filling a void.  On the other hand, you could be using them for sex.

You Enjoy the Attention You Get from Them

Your ex left you with a hole that needs to be filled.  You felt insecure and thought that no one else could ever love you.  Then, all of the sudden, this new person comes into your life and starts giving you a lot of attention, which makes you feel whole again.  You start feeling worthy and desirable and love every second of attention you get from them.  But this feel you’re experiencing isn’t going to last long.

You Neglect Them When You Feel Okay

This is one of the most obvious signs to let you know you’re in a rebound relationship.  You only call this new partner when you’re feeling down and out and need someone to validate you and lift you up.  In other words, you only call them when you’re lonely.  When you’re feeling secure and are in good spirits, you totally neglect them, which means you don’t associate them with true happiness.

You Try to Show Them Off to Your Ex or Their Friends

This is another telltale sign you’re in a rebound relationship.  Of course when you’re happy in any relationship you want the whole to know who you’re dating and can’t wait for them to meet your new partner.  But if you’re visiting the places your ex and their friends are known for frequenting with the intentions of bumping into them with your new partner, then you’re just trying to gloat.  You are basically showing your ex that you already moved on and aren’t affected by the breakup.  Our Dallas matchmakers know this is an indication of bitterness and anger deep inside.  You aren’t truly over your ex and it shows in your actions.

You Look for Traits Your Ex Had

This alone doesn’t mean you’re in a rebound relationship.  But if you are constantly looking for traits or qualities that remind you of your ex, such as hair color, height, build, eye color, or personality traits, then you might be in a rebound relationship.

You Think About Your Ex When You’re with Your New Partner

Now, just because your ex pops into your head doesn’t mean you’re in a rebound relationship.  After all, you did spend a lot of time with this person so it’s natural for them to cross your mind once in a while.  You might even look them up on Facebook or Twitter or find yourself walking by their place of employment. These are natural things that everyone does.  But if you are constantly thinking about your ex and can’t get them out of your head, then you’re certainly not over them yet.  You are only hurting yourself and the new person you’re dating because you are still hung up on your ex.

You Don’t Want to Introduce Them to Friends & Family

When someone is happy with their new partner, they can’t wait for their friends and family to meet them.  However, if you are trying to keep them private and away from your life, then it’s because you don’t consider them a valuable part in your life.  In other words, it’s only a casual relationship you keep behind closed doors.

If you were in a real relationship, you couldn’t wait for the day your family and friends would finally get to meet this new person.  Why?  Because that’s what happy couples do; they introduce each other to the world.

As the leading Dallas matchmakers, we know how unhealthy rebound relationships can be.  The list above indicates the most common traits that are exhibited in a rebound relationship.  If you are guilty of more than two, then you’re in a rebound relationship.  The most important thing to remember is that if it feels wrong, you know it’s wrong.  If you have the lingering question running of being in a rebound relationship running through your head, then you probably are.  End things with this new person before you waste any more of their time.  Then you must take the necessary time to heal before you enter the dating scene again.

Once you’re healed and ready, fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE and confidential consultation with our Dallas matchmakers.  Let us introduce you to quality singles in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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