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Dallas Matchmaking ServiceJust like anything else in the dating world, hiring a matchmaker also comes with myths, and because of that, our Dallas matchmakers will debunk the many myths and misinterpretations people have about hiring a professional matchmaker.  We’ll also review the many real benefits that come along with having a personal matchmaker by your side when it comes to dating and finding love.  Matchmakers Are for Rich People

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.  Our clients are everyday people just like our matchmakers and yourself.  If you go to any local grocery store, mall, or fitness center, the people you’ll see there are probably some of our clients.  Each single man and woman is unique and comes with their own set of circumstances and each person has their own financial circumstance as well.

The truth is, our professional Dallas matchmakers believe everyone deserves to find love and that’s why we specialize in creating compatible couples—successful and happy relationships.  Our matchmaking team designs a program fit for each specific person and what they’re looking to achieve in their romantic life.  Our matchmakers create custom packages to fit each client’s emotional and financial circumstance.  These customized dating programs are designed to help each person find their dream partner without tapping into their everyday money.  The truth is, hiring a professional matchmaking service is less expensive than a divorce would cost.

Matchmakers Are Only for Losers

The oldest stigma about hiring a professional matchmaking service, “It’s only for losers,” is long gone.  In fact, in Dallas, hiring a professional matchmaking service is the new thing to do.  Nowadays, (and we’re sure you’ve seen them) there are countless shows on matchmaking services (not that those shows represent what we do here at Dallas Match Making Service), but we’re just saying, they’re so popular that even Hollywood wants in on the action.

As a professional matchmaking service, we screen out people who are not emotionally ready for a new and healthy relationship.  No one wants to meet someone who has a lot of baggage from the past.  “Everyone has some kind of baggage, but like with anything in life, it’s easier when someone lends you a hand.”  The last thing our professional matchmakers want to do is set someone up for failure.  If someone has too many issues from the past (ones that are preventing them from being successful in the dating world), our Dallas matchmakers choose to help them work on those issues first—enter our invaluable professional dating coaching and guidance.

“I Can Date for Free”  pic116

Of course you can hop on the internet and try browsing the personals or even jump onto one of those free internet dating sites, but they’re not really free.  Think about all that time you have to invest into browsing those ‘free’ dating sites.  First, you will have to create an over-the-top profile (something going to make you stick out from the thousands of other members), then you will have to weed through thousands of profiles looking for your perfect match.  Once you find a few potentials, then you’ll have to spend time messaging each other back and forth and deciphering if they really are who they say they are—all time consuming and frustrating.

But here at Dallas Match Making Service, we know how valuable your time is and we see wasted time as wasted money!  And what about all that money you waste going out on disappointing dates who aren’t what you expected… The point is, just like anything in life, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Only Men Hire Professional Matchmakers

This could be the truth for many matchmaking services, but this is only something some services do.  Our Dallas matchmakers welcome both men and women because everyone deserves to find love and happiness—and we welcome men and women who are willing to pay a fee, because to our team, that shows they are serious about finding love and they’re sincere about making it work.  If someone wants to invest themselves financially with our services, we will welcome them with open arms, as long as they can past our extensive criminal and background checks to ensure they’re fit to date our existing clients.

If I Hire a Matchmaker Everyone Will Know 

The number one priority of our Dallas matchmakers is to ensure each of our client’s privacy and confidentiality.  With our services, clients can expect the same level of confidentiality they would receive from a doctor-patient or lawyer-client relationship.  Our matchmakers are here to protect each member—no one will know they’re using our services unless they tell them themselves.  And our matchmakers will never sell our client information to another company—this is something online dating sites are very well-known for doing—beware.

So the big old question is, who out there hires a professional matchmaker?  

Again, everyday people (people just like you), hire a professional matchmaker.  People who are busy with their careers, social lives, and families, hire a matchmaker—people who don’t want to spend thousands of hours browsing through online profiles hire a professional matchmaker.  People who are sick and tired of being set up by family and friends hire a matchmaker.  People that are frustrated in the dating world hire a matchmaker.  People who don’t want to waste their precious time meeting the wrong people hire a matchmaker.  But most importantly, people who take their dating life seriously and are sincere about finding someone they can spend the rest of their life with hire a matchmaker.

When you need to get your taxes filed, you hire an accountant.  When you’re ill, you seek out the help of your doctor.  When you’re facing a legal problem, you hire a lawyer.  When you are sick and tired of being lonely, tired of wasting your precious time and money dating the wrong people—and when you are taking your dating life seriously and in a proactive way, you hire a professional matchmaking service.  Why?  Because that’s what intelligent people do.  So before you decide not to hire a professional matchmaker on your quest to find love, read the facts and you’ll see that hiring a personal matchmaker could be the best decision you ever make in your life.

If you’re tired of trying to tackle the difficult dating world on your own, contact our Dallas matchmakers today.  Let our team of dating experts take the challenges out of dating—allowing you to continue on with your everyday life—allowing you to sit back and enjoy dating once again!

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