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Real men will never cheat on a woman because they’re too busy finding new ways to fall in love with them all over again.  As well-established matchmakers in Dallas, we know that cheating isn’t just the act of one sex.  Both sexes are known to cheat for different reasons.  Cheating is an immature act of someone who doesn’t respect the relationship or themselves.  A true gentlemen, a real life Mr. Right, might have the chance to cheat but never will because he loves his woman more than anything in the world.

As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know that good men still exist, and it’s these men who will never cheat.  Whether you’re a woman reading this reassurance or a man looking for a reminder, let us show you why good men won’t even give cheating a single thought.

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1. A Good Man Loves What He Has

Obviously this is the number one reason to stay faithful to a partner.  The more you appreciate your partner, and the more you love them, the less you’ll be willing to put it all at risk.  If you love your woman, you will never want to see her hurting or risk destroying the relationship.  When a man truly loves and appreciates what he has, he won’t even give the thought of cheating a chance.  Nothing is worth this kind of sacrifice.

2. A Good Man Knows Not to Act on Primal Urges

Men are attracted to beautiful women, and that’s not a secret.  Men have the desire to reproduce engraved in their heads.  Many men use the excuse of not being built for monogamy to get out punishment when they get caught cheating, but the truth is, a real man knows about primal urges and still acts like a true gentleman.  A good man understands that being monogamous is essential for a happy and healthy relationship.  Monogamy is a choice; it’s a pledge to be loyal.

3. A Good Man Values True Love Over Flings

When you’re in a committed relationship, you will know that means more than a night of meaningless sex.  You know that a relationship based solely on sex will eventually come crashing down.  A good man values love over sex any day.

As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know that some people spend their whole lives looking for that type of connection and love.  A good man knows this all-too-well and will never sacrifice his loving relationship for a few minutes of fun with a new woman.

4. A Good Man Has a Solid Conscious

A simple reason, of course, but we have to mention it.  A good man has a conscious and doesn’t want to live with the guilt of cheating on his woman.  The guilt a cheater feels will weigh heavy on their mind, which is something a good man can’t imagine living with.

5. A Good Man Has Respect

Cheating is the biggest act of disrespect.  It is an insult and one of the worst things you can do to someone you love.  A good man has respect for his girlfriend or wife and would never cheat.  Cheating is breaking the trust he has with her and hurting her in more ways than one, something he could never do.

6. A Good Man Doesn’t Care for Notches on His Belt

A man who is secure and confident doesn’t have to go around validating himself by adding notches on his belt.  He doesn’t have to prove anything because he is secure in himself.  It’s always the jerks who go around sleeping with women that have no self-worth.  Men who are secure don’t need to do this because they will stay committed to the end.

7. A Good Man Has Respect for Himself

Cheating isn’t just disrespectful to your partner but to yourself as well.  It’s not the fear of being caught that makes good men stay faithful, but rather the fact that cheating is disrespectful all around.  Good men have a lot of respect for themselves and hold high standards for the way they live.  They have character and would never stoop so low.  Entering into a committed relationship is more than just a pledge to your partner, it’s also a pledge to yourself.

8. A Good Man Doesn’t Take the Easy Way Out

Cheating is for cowards.  It is for men who don’t know how to get out of a relationship and think cheating is the easiest way to escape it.  Men who don’t know how to end the relationship the mature way cheat instead.  A good man knows how to deal with a relationship the right way and would never stoop to the level of cheating.

Good men know that not all relationships are meant to last and breakups are inevitable.  But he also knows that cheating isn’t a way to break up.  If he knows the relationship has no future, he’s going to call it quits before he sleeps with another woman.  A good man will sit down with his partner and talk about the relationship before straying.

9. A Good Man Would Never Betray a Friend

In a healthy relationship, both partners aren’t just lovers but also friends—best friends.  They are a team, a support system, two confidantes, which is why a good man would never betray that friendship.

Cheating is not an accident, and it’s certainly not something you do to someone you love.  As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know there are still plenty of great men out there.  If you’re a commitment-minded guy who is looking for a relationship-ready woman, contact our expert matchmakers today.  If you’re a relationship-ready woman who wants to find a loyal partner, let us be the ones to introduce you to him.

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