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You’re beautiful and you know it.  But guess who else knows it?  The new man you’re dating.  Your looks are probably what drew him to you to begin with, and that’s not anything out of the ordinary in the dating world.  However, if you’re in a healthy relationship, then he should have fallen for you for other reasons.  Besides your magazine cover looks, you have intelligence, awesome hobbies, a successful career, loving friends and family, along with many other things going on in your life.  In short, you are the entire package.

So what is the problem?  You are a fabulous catch, so what’s wrong here?  You have so many things to offer, why do you feel like something is wrong?  As luxury matchmakers in Dallas, we know that some men only fall for women for their looks, which doesn’t make for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.  Could this be happening to you?

It is unfortunate that many beautiful women in Dallas get taken advantage of by men who are only after them for their stunning beauty.  Maybe this is happening to you right now.  To help you figure it out, our matchmakers will show you the signs he’s only with you because of your looks.

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1. He always tells you what to wear.

His friends are having a get together this afternoon, so you put on what you think is a nice outfit.  It is modest and tasteful, but your man doesn’t see it that way.  He quickly goes into your closet and picks you an outfit he thinks you should wear… a sexy one—a little too sexy for the first time meeting his friends.

When your boyfriend starts to tell you what to wear, he’s really telling you he only cares about the way you look.  He doesn’t care if you’re comfortable and doesn’t take your choices seriously.  He doesn’t care to show off how smart and funny you are, he wants to show off the fact that he landed a beautiful woman.

2. He criticizes your hairstyle.

You just spent a few hours getting your hair styled because you saw something you liked on Pinterest.  You are excited and happy with the results and can’t wait to show him your beautiful new do.  When he comes home, you realize just how much of a jerk he is and how selfish he can be.  His facial expressions aren’t what you expected; in fact, he looks disgusted.  You try to explain that it’s a new style you saw and hoped to pull it off, but he’s already telling you he hates it and wants you to change it.

As luxury matchmakers in Dallas, we know how important it is for women to keep up with the latest style trends, something many men just don’t get.  However, a supportive boyfriend will stand behind you and never belittle you.  Your man should agree with your decision, whether he likes it or not.  He should never put you down or tell you to change it.

3. He could care less about your hobbies.

You love carving time out of your day to go hiking through the woods and clear your head.  You spend a few hours on the weekend taking pottery classes and hanging out with supportive friends that join you for yoga.  But instead of having a boyfriend who is happy for you, he gives you strange looks and tells you that you’re crazy.  Not only does he not like your hobbies, but he doesn’t support you and doesn’t want you to do them.  If he’s discouraging you from living your own life and doing the things you enjoy, it’s time to ditch this guy.

4. He keeps tabs on what you eat.

You stand in front of your mirror every day to see your body.  It’s something every woman does.  But the last time you did it, your boyfriend saw you too.  Instead of telling you how beautiful you are, he says you better watch what you eat, because he doesn’t want you to gain a pound.

If your partner is being supportive and encouraging you to eat healthy and exercise regularly, that’s one thing, but if he’s putting you on lockdown and telling you not to eat certain things, that’s being manipulative.

If your boyfriend starts keeping track of what you eat, he’s not really concerned about you and your health but rather your looks.

5. He doesn’t care about meaningful conversation.

Routines happens, and they happen to everyone.  But if he is stuck on the same exact strict routine weekend after weekend, that’s something to look out for in your relationship.

He calls you around 5 pm on Friday so you can meet him.  You get all dressed up for the night.  He shows you off out on the town, you have a few drinks, and you head to his place to finish the night.  You have been doing this week after week for a month because he refuses to join you and your friends or anything else you suggest.  You think he’s avoiding quality time alone because he doesn’t have much to say one-on-one.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to have serious conversation with you, it’s time to cut him loose because he’s only interested in your looks.  He has zero interest in getting to know you more.  He only cares about your appearance and only sees you as an object, so cut him loose.

6. He only compliments you on your appearance.

What woman doesn’t love a compliment from a man?  But if you’re only getting compliments about your looks, then he’s only after you for your beauty.  A man who is really into you will compliment your brains, your humor, your quirky habits, your success, and everything in between.

Compliments are a wonderful way to make someone feel special.  If you find that all he compliments you on are your looks, then you’re going to be more hurt than happy.  He clearly doesn’t notice all your positive attributes or doesn’t care about them.

7. He ignores you when you’re not done up.

He calls you midday and tells you to get ready because one of his friends is having a barbeque.  You’re not in the mood to go, but say you’ll go and meet him anyway.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious burger?

Since it’s just going to be the two of you and a few friends, you don’t bother getting all dolled up.  You throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, put your hair in a bun, and out the door you go.

When you arrive at the barbeque, you realize you made a huge mistake by not getting all done up.  Why?  Because your boyfriend is giving you nothing but glaring looks.  He makes it obvious that he is unhappy with your appearance.  He only wants you around when you’re looking tiptop.

Ladies, wouldn’t it be nice to meet men who are into you for more than your appearance?  Well, now you can.  As luxury matchmakers in Dallas, we can introduce you to men who will be into you for much more than your beauty.  Are you ready to meet them?  Join our exclusive matchmaking service by filling out the private form at the top of the page today.  You deserve so much more, and we can help you find it!

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