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You might think you have it all together, but you might have some insecurities that are hindering your dating life.  In fact, your insecurities could be the cause of all your failed relationships.  Whether you like to stalk your partner’s exes, are desperately trying to buy their affection, or are being paranoid about them leaving you, your insecurities are a huge red flag to your partners and can cost you your relationships.

If you had a bad string of failed relationships, it’s possible that you might be carrying that baggage into your new relationships, which is why you can’t trust them.  Here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service, we see it all the time.  The only way to get rid of your insecurities is by fixing the underlying issues and boosting your confidence.

Really, you are not alone on this.  Everyone suffers from insecurities from time to time.  But if you let your insecurities get the best of you, it’s going to cost you all your relationships.  Today, our Fort Worth matchmaking service, DFW Singles, is going to show you the telltale signs you’re insecurities are hindering your dating life.  Don’t fret, because we’re here to share our matchmaking secrets to help you overcome your insecurities and find the loving partner you long for.

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1. You always check up on their ex.

When you first met your new partner, they gave you a quick rundown of their previous relationships, exes, and why they broke up.  Even though they are over their ex, you still have unanswered questions.  You don’t necessarily care to know the details of their relationship, but you’re definitely curious about who they are, what they do, and why their relationship ended.  To get your answers, you stalk them on social media.

Here’s the problem: you’re never going to be satisfied with whatever you find.  Does this sound like you?  If so, you have major insecurity issues.  Chances are, their ex isn’t thinking about them, nor you, so why are you thinking about them?  Their ex isn’t concerned about what your new partner (their ex) is doing, so why are you so worried about them?  Let the past in the past and enjoy the present with your partner.

2. You’re always looking for praise.

When you suffer from major insecurity issues, you’ll constantly need validation from your partner.  Everything you say and do, you’ll always want your partner to give you a pat on the back.  If you know that you’re always looking for validation, then it’s time to get to the root of the problem.  No matter how many times your partner tells you that you look good, you don’t believe them.  And no matter how many times they tell you that you’re the best they ever had, you call them a liar.

Deep down inside, although you love praise, you don’t think you’re worthy of it.  And this could be driving your partner away.  If you want your new relationship to last, it’s time to push those insecurities aside, learn to accept their compliments, and realize they mean what they say.

3. You always assume something is wrong.

Everything can be going fine and dandy in your relationship, but when you suffer from insecurity issues, it will lead you to believe that something is wrong.  When you let your insecurities take control of the steering wheel, you’ll never be truly happy and content with the way your relationship is going.  You will always assume that something is wrong or that your partner is doing something behind your back.  Being insecure will also make you paranoid and can cause your partner to leave you.

After every argument, you will panic and think your partner is going to leave you.  But the truth is, no relationship is perfect, and you’re going to disagree from time to time.  You might even want to bite each other’s heads off.  When you let your insecurities get the best of you, you’ll always think something is wrong, which will end up sabotaging your relationship.  So let go of those negative thoughts once and for all.

4. Social media drives you crazy.

Social media is making it very difficult for relationships to last.  No, it’s true.  Social media has been responsible for many divorces lately.  Even if you and your partner don’t walk down the aisle, their social media accounts could definitely be driving you wild.

But the truth is, it’s not social media that’s the problem here.  On the contrary, it’s your own insecurities.  Well, if you’re on our blog, chances are you already know you have insecurity issues, and it’s these issues that are causing problems that aren’t there in the first place.

Your partner could be using their social media accounts to stay connected with friends and family.  But when you suffer from insecurity issues, you’ll think they’re using their accounts to talk to the opposite sex.  You will constantly monitor their social media accounts, question every time they write to someone’s status, and wonder why they liked a picture.  These are all signs you’re letting your insecurities get the best of you, something that will eventually cost you your relationship.

5. You don’t like when you’re not invited.

Do you find yourself going into panic mode when your partner mentions going out with a coworker?  Does your blood start curdling when they tell you they’re having drinks at happy hour and you’re not invited?  These are signs that you suffer from insecurity issues.  Your boyfriend or girlfriend deserves to have a life outside the relationship.  Our Fort Worth matchmaking service knows it is actually healthy for them to do things without you.  So instead of pouting and throwing a pity party when they’re heading out for drinks, let them.  It’s actually healthy for both of you.

If you continue to get angry because they want to do things without you, soon enough you’ll push them away.  Your partner deserves to spend time with family and friends without feeling guilty or suffocated by you.  So the next time they make plans that don’t include you, find something else to keep yourself busy.  Reach out to your own friends, go for a run, read a book, or curl up and go to sleep.

Do not let your insecurity issues destroy your relationship.  If you were lucky enough to land a boyfriend or giflriend, don’t push them away with your insecure behaviors.  It’s time to use our Fort Worth matchmaking secrets to your advantage and save your relationship.

If you’re single & looking for love in Dallas-Fort Worth, fill out the private form at the top of this page and reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with the leading Fort Worth matchmaking service today.  We want you to try our services for free so you can get to know us and the way we operate.  We’re confident that once you get to know our dedicated and friendly matchmakers, you’ll trust us with your heart and let us help you find the one!

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