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The end of any relationship feels like the end of the world.  It almost feels like you can’t go on in life.  You go from having a normal life to all of the sudden feeling like you’re all alone in the world.  You may then start doing harmful things, such as drinking, binge eating unhealthy foods, locking yourself up alone at home, and start having those awful feelings of self-pity.  If you have already experienced a tough breakup in the past, you know this is sad but true.  However, our Fort Worth matchmakers know a breakup doesn’t have to be a negative thing.  It can actually be the perfect time to do a little self-discovering.  And that’s what our dating and relationship experts here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles are going to teach you today.

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How to Use a Breakup for Self-Discovery

Once you’ve broken up, you have two choices: (1) You suffer up, or (2) you pick up the broken pieces and learn some valuable lessons.

Obviously, our Fort Worth matchmakers want you to do the second, as it’s what this guide is all about.  We want you to learn new things about yourself and take away life lessons from this otherwise painful breakup.  After all, in the end, this will all make you a better, stronger person.

1. Get Some Breathing Room for Yourself

Just like the day after drinking, a breakup will linger, but obviously longer than a hangover.  During this phase, our Fort Worth matchmakers want you to take some time for yourself.  You are feeling down, depressed, angry, and frustrated, so you don’t want to be around anyone, which is understandable.

The first thing you must do is arrange for some breathing time for yourself.  During this time, we want you to:

  • Cry as much as you can.  Cry yourself to sleep.  Or get a good cry in the morning.
  • Turn your cell phone off and don’t engage in social media stalking.
  • Take a sick day from work if you can.
  • Change up your usual routine.  Stay away from places you know your ex frequents.
  • Treat yourself to something you have always wanted.  A pint of ice-cream, a large pizza, or a full body massage, sound great.

In other words, do what you would do to take care of a hangover.  Once you feel better, then you can truly begin with the healing process.

2. Connect with Good Friends

Remember all the birthday invites, parties, and get togethers you blew off because you wanted to spend time with your partner?  Well, now you don’t have a partner and those friends would love to hear from you.  Use this time to catch up and reconnect with good friends.

Romantic relationships take a toll on friendships, which is why we want you to use this time to strengthen your friendships.  Now you’ll realize more than ever, that those people you forgot and took for granted are actually the people you need the most.  Use this time and invite your friends over to hang out, watch movies, or go out on the town.  Their moral support and advice is exactly what you need right now.  Listening to their breakup stories and tips will help you on your road to self-discovery and healing.

3. Get Yourself a Journal or Talk to a Good Friend

A breakup is not something you want to handle on your own, which is why it’s important to listen to good friends who have been there before.  It is paramount to talk it out.  Whether you want to talk to a friend, a family member, or a professional counselor, talk to someone who will listen to you.  And if you are not the type of person who likes to open up and share your life with others, our Fort Worth matchmakers encourage you to get a journal.

Having a journal is similar to therapy because it allows you to express your feelings, but rather than talking them out, you’re writing them down on paper.  Whichever option you choose, find a way to release your feelings.  Again, this is a very important part in your healing and self-discovery.

4. Hit the “Reset” Button

Just like when your cell phone is malfunctioning or your computer isn’t working right, you hit the “reset” button and start fresh.  Of course, hitting the reset button on yourself is easier said than done.  But you will feel much better once you clear your mind and start fresh.

It’s time to do the things you always loved to do.  Often, because of relationships, we neglect the things we love the most.  It could be something like your favorite hobby or an advancement in your education or career that you put aside.  This is the perfect time to start living your life the way you want.

5. Travel & Explore

Sometimes the best way to heal yourself is to simply travel to a great destination.  Traveling will provide you with new scenery, new people, and new and exciting things to do.  It will also keep you busy and distracted from thinking about your ex.  Traveling allows you to experience new things, learn new perspectives and ways of life, and distracts you from your own problems.  Getting out to an exotic or foreign destination will make you feel like a whole new person and get you far away from the place that has caused you a lot of grief in your life.

People deal with breakups in many different ways, and some heal faster than others.  But no matter how long it takes you, in the end, you’ll be happy you did some self-discovery.  Once you have discovered yourself, get in touch with our Fort Worth matchmakers and let us introduce you to your next partner.  Simply fill out the private form at the top of the page to start meeting compatible, relationship-minded singles in Dallas-Fort Worth today!

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