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Christmas is the most romantic time of the year, so why not take advantage of the season and make the most of it with your partner?  The elements of romance are already in place. We naturally feel happier during this time of the year.  Christmas lights and decorations set the scene and provide you with warm, fuzzy feelings.  There’s magic in the air before Christmas arrives.  So make the most out of the holiday season with one of our Fort Worth matchmakers’ favorite holiday date ideas.

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1. Take in the Beautiful Christmas Lights

Those beautiful Christmas lights around your neighborhood or throughout the city will give you and your partner a magical feeling and take you back to your childhood days.  Houses and trees are transformed into something extraordinary this time of year.

Most towns have at least one or two hotspots for Christmas decorations, and some neighborhoods even compete against others to see who has the best displays.  Be sure to check them out, as well as the displays at local parks and community organizations where you can walk around in a winter wonderland of millions of lights. Check out the paper, ask a friend or a coworker where they the most romantic lights can be found and take your partner there.  To add an extra touch of romance, pack a thermos full of hot cocoa.  Your partner’s heart will absolutely melt.

2. Bake Some Holiday Treats

Man, do we love cookies here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles—both eating and baking them.  And chances are, your partner does too!  Holiday baking is a great date idea because it gives you the perfect chance to work together towards a goal, which will strengthen your bond—and most importantly, you get a delicious treat in the end.

To keep this date simple, stick with making one type of cookie.  Our favorite are the cute little gingerbread men with all the works, chocolate chip, and peanut butter kisses.  Invite your partner over or go to their place, turn on some holiday tunes, and start whipping up the first batch.  Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor as you watch a holiday movie with a hot cocoa.

3. Go Ice-Skating

There’s nothing more romantic than ice-skating, especially during the holiday season.  Between the handholding and the full body grabbing needed to keep each other from falling, you and your partner will have many opportunities to strengthen the physical connection.  Visit an indoor skating rink that plays Christmas music during this time of year and get into the holiday spirit with your partner.

4. Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree will get you into the holiday spirit in no time.  Start the date off by taking your special someone to a local tree farm to pick your perfect tree.  When you get home, play some holiday music in the background sip on some delicious eggnog and get decorating.  If you’re hanging ornaments, share some of those memories together.  Your partner will think you’re the sweetest person in the world.

5. Christmas Movie Night In

Instead of heading to the movies, which you’ve already done many times before, stay in and watch some holiday classics together.  Stock up on your favorite Christmas movies, make some eggnog, and curl up next to each other for hours of holiday movie viewing.  Need a little help with what to watch?  White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Christmas Story are all fabulous choices.

So there you have it, our top picks here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service.  Don’t forget to make this Christmas a romantic one!  Our matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles wish you a very merry Christmas.

If you’re single and searching, give yourself the gift of love this year.  Contact our passionate matchmakers and let us do the matching for you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!



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