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After dating in Dallas for a very long time, you have finally landed a great guy. You have a lot in common and everything seems to be going smoothly, that is until you have the conversation and drop the big question: Are we official yet?

In your ideal world, his answer would be, “Yes, I want to commit to you. I am totally crazy about you and want to take our relationship to the next level.” But that’s your ideal world, not reality. Reality looks more like, “I’m not ready to commit yet.”

What could possibly be holding him back from committing to you? He clearly likes you and wants to spend time with you, so why can’t he make it official? Today, our Dallas matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will show you the real reasons single men in Dallas-Fort Worth do not want to commit.

Ladies, if you he won’t commit to you, you’re going to have to look for another man, one who is mature and ready to settle down—one who will not waste your time.

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1. He’s just too immature.

Every woman has met those guys who act like they’re still in high school, the ones who think they’re 20 when they’re 35. The guy you’re seeing might not want to commit to you because he is just too immature. He might still be in that mode where he wants to talk to every woman he sees. He might still enjoy the party scene too much, and we know that’s not something you want in your life. The problem here is not that he doesn’t want to commit to you, it’s that he’s never been committed before or doesn’t know how to handle a meaningful relationship. Bottom line, he is just too immature.

2. He’s not over his ex.

If you notice that the man you’re seeing is always talking about his ex, stalking her on Facebook, or even texting her, then chances are he’s not over her. If this is happening to you right now, you need to pack your bags and leave him. There is nothing worse than being used as a rebound by someone who is not over their ex. He is not going to commit to anyone right now, not until he can finally get over the breakup and heal properly.

3. He loves playing the field.

A lot of times guys just want to have fun and don’t want to be tied down to one woman. As matchmakers, we understand there is nothing wrong with dating and exploring your options, as long as you’re both being honest. But it does become a problem if he’s just stringing you along. If you’re brought up wanting to take things to the next level and he isn’t willing to, then you need to leave him. You never want to be someone’s option when you’re looking for the real deal.

4. He doesn’t want the responsibilities of a relationship.

Many single men in Dallas-Fort Worth simply don’t want to be in a relationship because of all of the responsibilities that come along with it. And that’s okay and understandable because they will eventually figure it out on their own. But it’s not okay when they string you along with fake promises. Being in a serious relationship has many responsibilities. You are responsible for another person’s feelings and emotions, and if he’s not ready to be there for you, then you need to walk away.

5. He had a bad breakup.

Another reason why many men won’t commit is if they’ve gone through a bad breakup that caused trust issues. Obviously, he’s afraid of history repeating itself so he avoids having a serious relationship with you. He once wore his heart on his sleeve and is now afraid to do it now because he thinks his heart will be destroyed once again.

6. He loves lust, not love.

Everyone loves a little bit of lust because it’s exciting and fun. But if he is constantly chasing lust, then he only wants fun. He definitely doesn’t want a monogamous relationship. If your man won’t commit to you, it might be because he loves lust over love.

7. He might be under pressure.

Everyone hits a point where they see people their age getting married and having children. The man you’re seeing could be facing a lot of pressure to change his relationship status, and that right there could be off-putting for him. The idea of settling down with one woman might be too much for him, and the added pressure from friends and family makes it even worse.

8. The timing is bad.

When it comes to dating and relationships, timing is everything.  When it comes to commitment and taking things to the next level, timing can mean everything. He may be hesitant to commit to you because he might be applying for a new job, going to school, going through a difficult family time, or something else that isn’t allowing him to fully commit to you and give you the time and affection he knows you deserve. A man will not commit to a relationship if he is super busy or under a lot of stress.

9. All his friends are single.

They say that birds from the same feather flock together, and that’s true for men in the dating world. If all his friends are single, then he might want to be single, too. One of the main reasons many single men in Dallas-Fort Worth don’t commit is because all their friends are single and they don’t want to be left out on the fun and freedom. He might like his friends’ opinions too much and get influenced by them in his dating life. If all his friends are free to have fun, then he might not want to miss out on fun times with his friends. For him, the idea of settling down with you means all that fun will end.

How many of these nine signs do you see in the man you’re dating now? If he is afraid of commitment and you want to settle down, then you need to leave him. Men take a long time to mature and understand the value of commitment. It’s not your job to help him change if he doesn’t want to and isn’t ready. The only thing you can do is walk away so you can find the man you’re meant to be with.

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded single men in Dallas-Fort Worth, men who aren’t afraid to take the relationship to the next level, let our expert matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service provide you with hand-selected matches with attractive and successful men. Fill out the private survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation to get started today!


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