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Only you will know if and when you’re ready for the big step, the last step in your relationship… Marriage!  But be warned, ladies, because marriage isn’t what it’s made out to be in the movies.  Marriage requires work, and a lot of it.  You might even feel like throwing in the towel from time to time, but you’ll get back to it if your marriage means something to you.

Marriage means not quitting or letting little fights get the best of you.  It means making a commitment not just to your partner but to yourself.  After all, anyone can quit, but you’re not a quitter, especially not in love.

Do you think you’re ready for marriage?  Want to know if you’re truly ready to take that big step?  Get ready as our Fort Worth matchmakers reveal the signs you’re finally ready to get married.

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1. You think going out is boring now.

While you were once known in the downtown district for partying until wee hours of the night, you don’t feel the same about going out anymore.  Previously, you couldn’t wait for Friday or Saturday to roll around because you knew it meant ladies’ nights out.  Everyone loves you, they love hanging out with you, and they love taking pictures with you.

The party scene was your life, and you loved how it made you feel.  But nowadays, you prefer comfy nights at home watching your favorite TV show.  The party life doesn’t have the appeal it once did.  Now, instead of thinking about what you’re going to wear on the weekend and where you’re going to start the night, you’re thinking about what movies you want to watch.

2. You now think some of your friends are shallow.

Your best friends don’t quite feel like your best friends anymore.  You struggle to relate and don’t really understand them anymore.  You’ve come to realize that you’re no longer a part of their world these days.  You wonder what you saw in them to begin with.  What were you thinking?  You’re looking at everyone like a stranger nowadays.  No one feels they’re on the same level as you because they’re still into hitting the town every weekend.

You’ve quickly become an adult overnight, and that’s okay because you’re ready for the next step of your life.

3. You have stronger feelings now.

You’re currently dating a guy you simply can’t stop thinking about.  You don’t just feel butterflies in your stomach, you feel everything for him.  As each day goes by, your love for him grows.  This is definitely a sign that you’re moving on to marriage territory.

You used to live for quick flings, but you would never be found casually dating now.  You love the feeling of being in a committed relationship and can’t wait to take it to the next level.

4. You’re faithful to your partner.

The idea of being in a monogamous relationship feels like the right thing for you.  While your friends keep telling you stories about their encounters on the weekend, you can’t help but to laugh at the fact that you would never do anything like that.  You are happy to be in a monogamous relationship.

If you’re faithful to your partner, it sounds like you’re inching closer to marriage territory.  Wanting to be intimate with just one person for the rest of your life shows that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.

5. You feel at home with him.

When you’re with your partner, you feel like a team.  With him, you can share anything.  Anything from the funny things that happen at work to your darkest secrets, nothing is off limits.  He shares everything with you too.

When you’re with your partner, nothing about him bothers you.  And as time goes by, your affection for him continues to grow.  These are key indicators of not only a healthy relationship but a strong marriage to come.

6. You envision a family.

Where you once only thought about partying on the town, now your thoughts are consumed with starting a family.  Well, our Fort Worth matchmakers know this a major step towards marriage.  If you start to imagine what your kids would look like, where you’ll spend your holidays for the rest of your life, and where you’ll vacation as a family each summer, then it’s safe to say you’re ready for marriage.

7. You enjoy the little things in life.

You used to be the first one who would round up the ladies to get to bottle-popping on the weekends.  You were the first to suggest a fancy new restaurant in town or hitting up that super expensive spa whenever you could.  But nowadays, those big things don’t mean much to you.  You are now over all the lavish things and appreciate the little things in life.

Those extravagant plans you made when you were single have gone out the window because you now enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  You love staying at home watching movies, lounging around in your sweatpants, and ordering takeout with him.  Walking in the park feeding ducks means more to you than party and popping bottles at the club.  For you, a movie night at home with popcorn is the perfect night.  If this sounds like you, then our Fort Worth matchmakers know marriage is definitely in your cards.

So tell us, are you ready for marriage, or are you still searching for marriage-minded men in Dallas?  If you want to meet quality single men in DFW today, contact our Fort Worth matchmakers and let us do the searching and vetting for you.  To join us for a FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the quick and easy form at the top of the page now!

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