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Many different emotions come into play every day for a widower.  Because of the loss of their spouse, they could be angry, sad, anxious, or feeling guilty any given day.  Many widowers are left feeling broken and unhappy because they lost their beloved wife.  And although they might have a smile on their face, that’s not how they’re really feeling on the inside.

No matter how old you are when you lose your significant other, you will feel empty in your heart because something will always be missing.  As the leading Dallas matchmaking service, we know how devastating this pain can be on both men and women.  We know firsthand the impact it has on everyday life and in the dating scene.

If you’re a widower/widow, the pain and heartache will be with you forever.  It will also impact you and the way you date.  If you have loved and lost yourself, you know the devastation and pain that comes along with your loss, which will help you navigate the tough terrain of dating a widower.  If you are currently dating a widower, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.  And although he could make a great potential partner for you, you need to understand and know how to deal with the downsides of dating a widower.

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The Hardships of Dating a Widower

Dating a widower is not a walk in the park and will be very confusing and frustrating at times.  It requires a woman with understanding, patience, and a lot of love, but it absolutely can be done.  As the leading Dallas matchmaking service, we have helped many widows and widowers find love and happiness again.

Widowers Have Abandonment Issues

Just like a kid that has been treated poorly, a widower will often have abandonment issues that could spill over into their next relationship.  Because they don’t want to lose anyone else, they often push people away.

Widowers Can Be Clingy at Times

When you date a widower, they could become very clingy.   Because they have already lost someone very special, they are afraid of losing someone else and often want to be around this new person all the time.

If he falls for you, he could become clingy or needy in the relationship.  If you are a woman who likes her independence, this will surely create a problem for you.  You will have to work through it and come an understanding together.

Widowers Can Overreact at Times

When you experience something as painful as losing a spouse, your body and mind change forever.  The way a widower reacts is different than the way you might react.

A widower handles painful situations much differently than people who have not experienced the loss a beloved spouse.  They also handle relationships differently and could be quick to react with anxiety, fear, insecurity, or anger.

Widowers Can Get Angry

Many widowers experience anger over losing the woman they loved all of their lives.  Because this anger has nowhere to be placed, it can easily spill over onto you even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

Because many widowers keep their pain inside and don’t like to discuss their feelings, it can cause unexpected blowups.  Unfortunately, this anger could be directed at you.

Widowers Can Make Unfair Comparisons

When someone is taken from your life and you have no choice about it, it’s hard not to think about them all the time.  When you date a widower, you need to know that they’re bound to make comparisons.  He will remember all the wonderful things his wife used to do for him and might bring it out to the surface with you.  As the new woman in his life, this could be very frustrating for you.  It can be hard to feel like you’re in competition with someone, especially if you’re not measuring up.

Widowers Often Have Guilt

The new man you’re dating took an oath to love his wife until the death do them part, but even though she’s gone, that promise is still there.  Widowers often experience great feelings of guilt.  Many have a hard time dating and feel that dating a new woman is disrespectful to their spouse and their memory.  Guilt follows widowers around like a shadow, which can make it very difficult to date and love someone new.  This is when your understanding, kindness, and patience is needed.

Widowers Have Family That Might Make It Tough on You

If there are children involved, they might not be too fond of their dad dating another woman.  If you are dating a widower, don’t expect his children to love you right away.  They might see you as the replacement of their mother and won’t be happy about that.  Whether they’re young or fully grown, it’s painful and hard to accept nonetheless.

Things to Consider When Dating a Widower

If you want to ensure you don’t get hurt in the process of dating a widower, our Dallas matchmaking service encourages you to be honest and look out for the following things.

  • Did he have plenty of time to grieve the loss of his spouse?
  • How long ago did he lose his spouse?
  • Is he just rebounding?
  • What’s making him want to date again?
  • Are you prepared to deal with the extra baggage that comes from dating a widower?

Dating a widower comes with its own set of challenges.  After all, this man lost his beloved spouse.  Part of your journey will require gathering knowledge about dating a widower so you can use it to your advantage and make the relationship work.

You need to be strong and patient and understand the pain they’re going through.  There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a spouse.  However, it’s quite possible for him to love again, as long as he has a strong and understanding woman by his side.  The key to success in dating a widower is to have balance and perspective.  While it might seem frustrating at first, you need to look at it from his point of view.  As a well-established Dallas matchmaking service, we know that dating a widower can be rewarding and fulfilling.  After all, everyone in the dating world has baggage, it’s just up to you to learn how to deal with it.

If you’re a widow/widower yourself, fill out the confidential survey at the top of the page to get the guidance and support you need to start dating again.  Let our expert matchmakers show you how we can help you by reserving your free 90 minute consultation with our Dallas matchmaking experts.

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