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If you go into a relationship with no expectations, you won’t be treated with respect by your partner. Instead, you’ll be shocked when your partner does something nice for your birthday. In reality, this is what they should be doing for you. You shouldn’t have too high of standards for a relationship, like expecting your partner to sweep you off your feet with over-the-top and grand gestures every week, but you should never not have standards either. It’s all about finding healthy relationship expectations.

It’s all about having self-respect and choosing a partner who respects and appreciates you.

Having healthy relationships expectations is essential to maintain a truly happy and fulfilling relationship that can withstand the test of time.

Today, our Dallas matchmakers will show you healthy relationship expectations to ensure forever happiness.

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1. Know the difference between needs and desires.

This is where most people get confused in relationships, which is why they don’t expect anything. But there’s a clear difference between your needs and desires. You should have expectations which fulfill your needs. These are things that are necessary for living a healthy life.

For example, a need could be that your partner doesn’t have an addiction problem or that they’re faithful and hones A desire is something you’d like to have but isn’t essential for the relationship. A desire could be for your partner to be just as into healthy eating and working out as you are, but it’s not a deal breaker if they don’t get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to go on a run every day before work. You see the difference here?

2. Sex is not absolutely necessary.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be having sex in your relationship. For most relationships, sex plays a huge role as it creates intimacy. However, a healthy relationship expectation doesn’t mean you need to have sex every day.

When we get in relationships, sometimes we assume that regular sex is a part of the package, but it’s not. A healthy relationship is where both people respect each other and are on the same page when it comes to sex.

3. Your partner will mess up.

When we’re with someone, we sometimes assume that they always know how we feel or what we want. However, a healthy relationship consists of communication and expressing needs and desires. Your partner can’t read your mind and though they may know you very well, they’re not you and don’t know what’s going on inside your heart and in your heart. A healthy relationship realizes that and understands that no one is a mind reader.

You can’t expect your partner not to mess up from time to time, but open and honest communication is a good way to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes.

4. Knowing and respecting each other’s flaws

If you’re in a new relationship, right now everything may feel fine to you, but let’s be honest, we’re all flawed. Yes, that means you, as well. But this isn’t about hiding your flaws from your partner. We mean, eventually, it’s going to come out. A healthy relationship expectation is knowing that your partner is going to be flawed but accepting their flaws.

5. Taking responsibility.

No one likes to admit they did something wrong, but have you ever been in a relationship where your partner blames you for everything? Did that feel good? Did that feel healthy? Of course, it didn’t feel good. But that’s obviously a reason why you’re not with them anymore. See, a healthy relationship will have its ups and downs, but both people take full responsibility for their actions and apologize when they’re wrong.

Relationships aren’t easy, but having the right expectations from the start will help you develop a solid foundation.

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