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If you’re not comfortable with yourself, then you’re not truly living – and you’re not truly happy. As a Dallas dating service with 30 years of experience in the DFW dating industry, we’ve seen firsthand what insecurities and caring too much about other people’s opinions can do to one’s everyday life. From your social life to your career, caring too much what others think can have detrimental effects, especially when it comes to your dating life.

Unfortunately, learning how to be more secure and comfortable with yourself isn’t going to happen overnight. However, it is vital for your health, happiness, and overall well-being.

We’re not preaching, because we’re all guilty of caring too much what others think sometimes. The problem is when we start caring so much that it holds us back from leading a fulfilling life. If you’re ready to stop giving so much thought to everyone else’s opinion about you and your life, read on as our Dallas matchmaking and dating experts reveal how to stop caring and just be comfortable with yourself. Once you start incorporating these tips into your everyday life, you’ll notice a major change in your stress levels. And believe it or not, you’ll see a major transformation in your love life.

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1. Shut Out the Thoughts of What Everybody Else Thinks

This one is easier said than done, we know. But if you make it a habit to shut down those lingering thoughts of what everyone else thinks about you, it will soon become natural to you. Although retraining your brain is going to take time and efforts from you, it’s not unachievable. Remember, practice makes perfect.

2. Stops Imagining the Way Other People Will React

Instead of wondering how other people will feel all the time, start worrying about how you’ll feel. Will it give you joy? Then do it. If you skip out on that girls’ night out this Friday night will it bring you some relief? Will it make you feel good to disconnect, have a glass of wine, and read a good book instead? Will it help you collect your thoughts and rejuvenate after a long week at work? Then stop giving yourself reasons you must attend and start listening to the compelling reasons you should pass this time. Stop worrying what everyone else will say if you can’t make it. Do what you know deep down is best for you. Start worrying about you and how you feel.

3. Stop Setting Standards for Others

This is very hard to do in today’s social media obsessed society, but it’s crucial if you ever want to be comfortable with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Once you stop comparing yourself to others, then you can stop competing with others and start competing with yourself.

After all, you’re the one who has to look in the mirror each morning, so the only person you should be setting expectations and standards for is you. Set goals and achieve them for yourself – no one else. This takes us to our next point.

4. Only Makes Comparisons to Your Old Self

We just told you to stop competing with others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete with yourself. The only person you’re in competition with is your old self, the person you were last week or even yesterday. If you can make improvements to be a better version of yourself, go for it. Setting and achieving goals to be better than you used to be is a great way to boost your self-esteem.

5. Only Hang Out with a Positive Circle of Friends

Get rid of the toxic people in your life. If you hang out with negative people, their negativity is going to rub off on you. Start hanging out with positive people who lift yours spirits up. When you hang out with positive people, their optimistic attitudes are going to do wonders for you. Once you have a positive circle of friends who make you feel loved, you’ll start loving yourself more too.

Learning to be comfortable with yourself is vital to your own happiness. And it’s especially important if you ever want to find and keep a happy and healthy relationship. After all, everyone wants to settle down with someone who is confident, happy, and positive.

At the end of the day, remember that you’re unique and that there is no one else like you out there. Put these five tips to good use in your everyday life and watch how everything gets less stressful and more joyful for you.

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