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Sometimes it’s more obvious to people outside of the relationship why you can’t keep a girlfriend. A lot of times, the issue might be with the women you’re dating, but if you’re going through girlfriends all the time, then you could be the one to blame. We hate to be the bearers of bad news here, but if you can’t keep a girlfriend around, then chances are it’s you, not them.

So how do you know if it’s you? Well, if after reading this article you realize it sounds like you, then it’s probably you. It’s okay not to be the perfect boyfriend, but if you want to find a girlfriend and have her stick around for good, then you’re going to have to improve yourself and become a better partner. The first step is simply admitting there’s something wrong.

Today, Dallas’ best matchmakers at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will show you the top reasons you can’t keep a woman in your life.

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1. You Don’t Treat Her with Respect

We definitely know that you don’t mean to treat her poorly on purpose, because you probably think it’s a joke to treat her like one of the guys. The truth is, women like to be treated like women. They don’t want to be treated like one of the guys. If you are burping or passing gas in front of her, calling her names or belittling her, she’s not going to want to be your girlfriend for long. It’s time to clean up your act, behave like a gentleman, and stop making your girlfriend feel awkward. Start treating your girlfriend like a true gentleman would treat a lady.

2. You’re Too Controlling

This one goes both ways, but we’re talking about you today. If you’re having trouble keeping a girlfriend, it might be because you’re too controlling of her. Just like you need your guy time, she wants her freedom, too. She wants to be able to live her life to the fullest without having to consult you for everything.

If you have trust issues from a previous relationship, it’s time to work on those issues alone. The new woman in your life deserves to be trusted unless she’s proven otherwise. You need to work on your issues separately from her and stop punishing her for your own issues. You should never stop your girlfriend from being able to do the things she loves, including her hobbies and interests and spending time with friends and family.

3. You Don’t Give Them Enough Alone Time

If you’re clingy with your new girlfriend, then chances are you’re not being a good boyfriend. Why? Because clinginess and good boyfriends do not mix. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to get in a relationship with you and lose all her friends, hobbies, and interests. We know you’re excited and want to spend a lot of time with her, but you must understand that she has a life of her own, so you shouldn’t stop her from doing the things she loves.

Whether it’s hanging out with the girls, going to yoga sessions, or taking a class in the evening, your girlfriend wants to do what she loves. She needs her friends and passions in life, and you should be proud and happy of those things. When you tear your girlfriend away from the things she loves, you’re basically putting an end to your relationship. If you want your relationship to succeed, you need to encourage her to do the things she used to do before she met you, and you need to do the same.

4. You Jump to Conclusions Too Soon

Another major reason why a lot of relationships fail is because people don’t communicate with each other properly. As Dallas’ best matchmakers, we know that every couple gets into an argument from time to time, and it’s part of a healthy relationship. However, if the first thing you do is argue because you jump to conclusions, your relationships aren’t going to last long.

The second you jump to conclusions and refuse to accept that you’re at fault, you’ll start pushing your partner away. You need to listen to your partner and their side of the story before you come up with your own conclusions. If you don’t know how to communicate, then you have no room being in a relationship to begin with.

5. You Don’t Give Things Enough Time to Develop

Happy relationships don’t just happen overnight. They take time, energy, and dedication to get there. People get so impatient about finding love that if they don’t feel those magic sparks right away, they give up. If you are someone who dismisses women just because you’re not feeling the fireworks and sparks from the get-go, then you’re never going to land a girlfriend. Love and feelings take time to develop.

The more you find out about her and the better you get to know her, the more you’re going to care for her. If you leave a relationship too soon—before you give it time to develop—you could be missing out on the one. For all you know, she could’ve been your soul mate, but you left too soon to find out.

6. You No Longer Try to Impress Her

As Dallas’ best matchmakers, we know that this happens more often than it should. If you do everything you can to land a girlfriend, why stop putting in all the efforts once you have her? If you stop putting efforts into yourself and quit doing things like your hair, working out, and putting efforts into your looks, she’s going to leave the relationship. She going to think you no longer want to make her happy or that you don’t care what she thinks anymore.

Sure, this doesn’t mean you need to be dressed up every time you see her or have chiseled abs like you once did, but you should definitely put efforts into your appearance, especially when you’re going out together. You must continue to do everything you once did to capture her attention because that’s how you keep her around forever.

Now you know the top six reasons why you can’t keep a girlfriend around for long. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll work on yourself to change those things because life is so much better with a girlfriend by your side.

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