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Finally, you landed a great man and think you’re getting along just fine. But no matter how great things are going, as time goes by and you get comfortable with each other, you’re bound to discover a few things you don’t see eye-to-eye on. You might not take notice to the fact that you and your boyfriend use social media for different reasons and that you each have different online habits, and that’s why he gets angry and frustrated with the things you post on Facebook. There are you, clueless as to what you did wrong or why he is so bent out of shape.

Yep, it’s true. Men and women use social media much differently, which isn’t going to change anytime soon. Has your boyfriend has been acting weird lately? As the best matchmakers in Dallas, we know it could be because of your social media habits and the all things you post on Facebook. Sounds petty, but hear us out for a second because it could mean the difference between saving and losing your relationship.

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1. Posting Too Many Selfies

You might think it’s totally fine because, after all, it’s your account. But posting so many selfies can get old fast. If you post too many selfies on Facebook or other social media accounts, you’re basically telling people you care a little too much about yourself. Just kidding! But you’re going to come off as conceited to a lot of people.

Your followers—and more importantly, your boyfriend—will think you care too much about your appearance, something that scares men away. Men want to be with a super laidback woman, not one who has to post a selfie many times a day for validation.

A high-maintenance woman doesn’t make for a good girlfriend, so the next time you reach for your phone, think again.

2. Updating Your Every Move

You’re walking out your door, you post it on Facebook. You’re riding in the elevator, you take a selfie. You’re about to dig into a divine meal, you take snap a pic of that, too. You’re on the subway home, so you have to take a subway selfie. You get home after work, throw on your favorite comfy sweats and post a hair up, don’t care selfie.

Not only do you post pictures of your every move, but you post crazy detailed statuses, too. And not just once but many times a day. You love keeping your fans (aka friends) invested in your every move. Heck, you even swear that people get mad if you don’t post daily updates (but no one does).

But what you don’t realize is that your boyfriend is getting sick and tired of it (just like your friends). He doesn’t want you to share every detail of your life with the world. Do you really think everyone is interested in hearing about the tuna sandwich you had for lunch? Do you really think they need to see another selfie for the fifth time today?

3. Posting Too Many Couple Selfies

We don’t know a guy in this world who would be okay with posting as many couple selfies as you make your boyfriend pose for with you. Your boyfriend might not know how to tell you, but deep inside he’s frustrated with all your couple selfies. We’re certain he is, go ahead and ask him. He might pretend to be okay with it because he doesn’t want to tell you the truth.

We get it, you’re ecstatic about your new relationship and want the world to know just how happy you are, but there are many ways to show how full of joy you are with your life. Don’t become that annoying social media couple everyone dislikes. It’s not only annoying for your boyfriend but for all your friends, too. Soon, your whole social media following is going to get sick and tired of seeing all your updates and selfies and unfollow or delete you.

4. Bragging Too Much

Yes, we understand that you finally landed “the one.” Maybe he is everything you dreamed of and the best thing that’s ever happened in your life. Listen, there is no need to brag about your boyfriend or how awesome he is on social media. Sure, he is everything you want in a partner, but you don’t need to tell the entire world your every waking thought.

All your followers (friends, coworkers, and family) are eventually going to get tired of your bragging. Really, they’re going to think you’re insecure about your relationship or simply that you’re trying to make them jealous. Stop it before you go too far. Your boyfriend doesn’t want you to post things about him either. You need to have some respect for him before you push him away.

5. Adding All His Friends & Family

If you just met a guy and you’re already adding his coworkers, friends, family, cousins, teachers, etc., then you’re crossing the line. You might even be entering into girlfriend stalker territory (creepy). Sorry, but it’s the truth. You just can’t do this. Unless they’ve added you themselves, you have no right to add them. After all, you’re just starting to date and you’re going to scare him away.

You might not think it’s a big deal since you have thousands of friends on Facebook, but it’s a red flag for him. To him, it means you’re trying to get serious too fast. And we all know what men think about women who are eager and pushy about dating. In case you don’t, let us spell it out for you: it makes you look like you’re desperate for commitment.

Social media is one of the most wonderful inventions to date, so don’t ruin it for your man. If you’re guilty of the behaviors we mentioned above, you’re going to create tension and stress in your relationship or possibly lose it altogether.

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