10 Questions Single Women in Dallas Dread Over the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of year, but not if you happen to be one of the many single women in Dallas who is dreading the holidays alone.  Sure, you’re excited to go to holiday parties and serve yourself plenty of mulled wine and eggnog, but you’re so sick and tired of answering the same questions over and over again from friends, coworkers, and family members.  If you’re rolling solo this year, then you’ll likely hate being asked these impossible to dodge ten questions over the holidays.

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1. Do you have a boyfriend?

No, but thank you for this lovely little reminder.  Finding someone compatible isn’t as easy as it once was.  It’s actually nearly impossible in 2017.  You don’t want to go through all the reasons as to why (the ghosting, the bad dates, the jerks, and the men who are only into you for sex), but you do want to ask your relatives why they think that boyfriends grow on trees.  Ugh, it’s not like they just appear out of thin air.

2. Have you gone out on any dates lately?

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.  It’s kind of a day-by-day, week-by-week type of thing.  It’s also not the most exciting thing to talk about, so it’s no wonder you avoid interrupting your family dinner to talk about your latest disaster date—and you’ve had plenty of them.

3. Can I set you up on a date?

Oh, really?  Because blind dates set up by family members always work out wonderfully—or so you wish.  You don’t want to believe that your family has someone perfect for you because you can find your own dates anyways, right?  But just because you haven’t turned any of those dates into a boyfriend doesn’t mean the next one couldn’t be the one.

4. Have you tried speed dating events?

Your answer is either a big ole “Yes” followed by a horror story to back it up, or simply a response that you don’t want to go that route in your dating life.  Speed dating is notorious for being an awful time.  Really, anyone who has tried it hates it.  Of course when you’re single, you try everything.  But people don’t always know what works and what doesn’t.

5. Are you doing the online dating thing?

You’re definitely ready to pull your own hair out at this point.  Does your well-meaning yet totally annoying family member think you never heard of online dating?  Do they not get that it takes a long time to find someone special?  Can everyone please let you enjoy your holiday without the barrage of questions?

6. Have you heard of Tinder?

Yep, you’ve heard about it and quickly learned that it doesn’t work.  The next time one of your well-meaning family members asks you about Tinder, tell them to hop on the app for just five measly minutes to get a glimpse of the frustrations and creepiness.  In other words, no one on Tinder is looking for true love.

7. Are you being too picky?

This question is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, you totally understand that you shouldn’t be too picky; otherwise, you’ll be single forever.  On the other hand, you don’t want to settle and end up with the wrong guy.  This question basically makes you angry and irritated.

8. Do you even go on dates?

For some reason this question is very common around the holidays.  It’s like they want to make themselves feel better instead of knowing that every man you meet is a disaster.

9. Do you want to get married one day?

Oh, yes, another famous question single women in Dallas hate being asked around the holidays.  It’s super annoying because most of them do.  Sure, you want to get married, but you must first find a boyfriend, which is the whole point of the conversation, right?

10. Don’t you get lonely?

Of course you get lonely, and that’s the reason you’re there hanging out with your family—enjoying some turkey and sweet potato casserole.  But, yes, you do get lonely, especially during Christmas Eve and New Year’s when you don’t have anyone to spend it with.

If you’re one of the many single women in Dallas, you’re probably already dreading these questions yourself.  But this year you can answer these dreaded questions a little differently.  You can tell your family that you’ve joined the best dating service in Dallas and that you’re taking a proactive approach to finding love.

Whether you’re a busy professional with no time to look for dates on your own, you’re divorced or widowed, or you’re simply not having luck in the Dallas dating scene, contact our expert matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service today and let us do the hard part of dating for you.  Let our matchmakers introduce you to quality singles who are compatible with you so you never have to spend another holiday dodging questions from prying friends and family.

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